Elim Finance Application


Welcome the the Elim Finance Application's online version. This application provides some sophisticated tools to help with Elim's financial administration. It's intended for use by the treasurer, bookkeeper, and members of the Finance Team.

Tools to Assist with Payroll Processing

Use this page to upload payroll reports and updated payroll information after data is updated.

Browse payroll information and history for current and former employees.

Display information about accrual of paid time-off costs required for each payroll cycle.

Display employee's current paid time off balances.

Tools to Assist the Monthly Close

Allocate the cash back earned at Capital One between the general fund and preschool.

Align contribution data between FastFund and Breeze by batch and fund.

Check a general ledger file for common errors.

See how much money major Elim departments owe to one another and why.

Create a monthly close task list from a template.

Regroup tithe.ly contributions into Breeze batches that align to our deposits.

Process preschool tuition payments via ProCare.

Tools to Maintain the Finance Application

Upload general ledger reports to the database and check them for validity.

Update the app with the latest set of chart-of-account segments from FastFund.

Update the app with the latest list of vendors from FastFund.

Miscellaneous Tools

Browse through OneDrive disks and SharePoint sites.

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